Hello, my name is Jette.

Hello and welcome! My name is Jette and I'm a baker, writer, and knitter. I wanted to create this blog to share my baking adventures with everyone. I've started one before in hopes of baking through an entire cookbook and hopefully that will still happen. My main focus is decorated sugar cookies right now but I make a little bit of everything. 

cypherbunnybakes is named after my cat Cypher. She's a sweet monster and is always there for me. She's almost all white and very soft and people say she's like a bunny so it became a nickname and then became the name of this blog and my cookie business. 

This is primarily for baking but I wouldn't want to lie - there will be knitting and writing and just life posts too. I'm just looking for an outlet for all the creative things I want to do and I feel like this blog can be for all of them and keep me motivated to do them. Can't have a baking blog without working on my writing skills right? 

I do have a proper camera but all photos are currently taken with my iPhone 6S - it's just always next to me and has great quality. I use Hyperlapse for the time lapse videos. 

This purpose of this blog is baking but there will be life too. Knitting, writing, reading, trips, anything and everything but in the end it will all come back to baking. I just want a creative outlet that takes all of my passions, mixes them together, and puts them out in the world for whomever wants to see. 

It's name for my cat Cypher. She's a sweet monster and is always there for me. She's almost all white and people say she's like a bunny which has become her nickname and morphed into the title for this blog and my cookie business. 

I've always baked. I can remember being little and baking bread with my granny and when she taught me her award winning rhubarb pie recipe. I was always the one that had to bake the cookies at Christmas or the birthday cakes - even if it was for me. 

I am a total emo-pop-punk girl - if Fall Out Boy or Panic! At The Disco are playing - you know I'm dancing in my kitchen!

I studied film, art history and photography and my free time is mostly spent filling cookie orders or knitting or learning yet another new craft. If there's time, I love taking writing or cake decorating classes. I've taken a lot this year and they've all helped me grow as a writer and as a baker. 

I'm addicted to tea towels and spatulas (I have an entire separate container just for all of the spatulas I have next to the container for all my other kitchen tools). My baking supplies have grown so much that they don't actually live in my kitchen. I have a small closet, 2 carts, and a huge bookcase from IKEA - and it's still not enough room! It's a problem I know but I need to have ALL THE COOKIE CUTTERS!!!! LOL. 

I am addicted to Instagram and I'm perfectly okay with that. I use my life of photography as a guise ha ha I had a camera in my hand since I was little (since film could be on a round flat disc - yup I'm old). If you want more than just cookies, check out my other account (@jettefierce) for life and whatnot pictures.